What Our Clients Say

Having had my business running for a few years I decided that it was time to update my website and change the look of my business materials. Having moved fully ‘on purpose’ my business materials needed to reflect where I am now. Jeremy redesigned my website completely, using a different platform and consulting with me frequently to ensure that its design met my current and future needs. He guided me with how to update the site myself and helped me to understand the importance of updating it regularly to keep the rankings high. He also showed me how I could monitor which pages people visited using google analytics.

Jeremy then worked with me and a friend to help design a new logo for the business incorporating my new strap line. From this he designed business cards for me which I was then able to go to Vistaprint and put into one of their blank templates without having to mess around trying to ensure everything was in the right place for printing.

He is in the process of helping me to launch the ‘member ‘ pages on my site so that I can keep my students up to date with information. He has also redesigned the spreadsheet I was using to keep my accounts. This new spreadsheet is brilliant as it shows me exactly how much money I need to put away each month to be sure that I have what I need to pay my tax and national insurance each year.

Jeremy uses his intuition when working on projects which I like as he then knows when something is right. As I have shifted ‘on purpose’ he has helped me to get my business ‘on purpose’ which is key to me moving forward in the flow of life.

Jeremy has lots of design, marketing and business skills which will really help anyone wanting to move their business ‘on purpose’. He also takes away the stress of creating essential business tools that will help to give you a presence within a cost effective framework.

If you are a healer looking for business support I would highly recommend that you contact Jeremy and discuss your needs. I am sure that he will be able to come up with cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

Thank you for everything you have done to help me.

Sarah H, Bedfordshire

Jeremy has been really helpful in helping me to get my business set up.

Designing my logo and getting business cards printed couldn’t have been easier and he has been the most patient person in the world, whilst setting up my web site.

As a healer himself he understands what it is that I am trying to create and he has been able to answer all my questions and talk through options when I wasn’t sure what it was that I wanted for myself!

Carole E, Bedfordshire

I’ve come away with at least half a dozen ideas that I will be putting into practice as soon as I can, including one that is so quirky and original that I’ll be working on it later today. Jeremy offered me some fantastic advice and ideas…

Alison N, Oxfordshire

I asked Jeremy to look at my marketing strategy and help me to generate more leads. Jeremy spent time with me explaining my options in how my marketing activity could be more targeted and effective and came up with some really useful suggestions that I had not thought of. His advice was extremely insightful and creative but above all workable. I have absolutely no issue in recommending Jeremy’s work for others.

Neil M, Oxfordshire

In just two hours, Jeremy gave me a huge number of ideas to follow up on, and was incredibly generous with his time and focus. Not only that, but he’s motivated me to do something I know I should have done a long time ago, but haven’t known where to start. After my session with Jeremy, I’m suddenly unblocked and can’t wait to get started! Kate M, Oxfordshire

Jeremy worked with me for a period of 5 months during which time he really helped me turn the marketing of my business around. He came up with some fantastic ideas, helped implement them, and was always there to offer advice, support, common sense and motivation. We also had a lot of fun in the process.

But of course the real test is always how it affects the bottom line. A direct mail campaign he orchestrated resulted in a new long term customer within 2 days, swiftly followed by several more in the weeks that followed.

I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have won these customers without his help. In total over the 5 month period, our customer base more than doubled and our turnover more than trebled. This was way beyond my expectations – he is an absolute superstar and has made a massive difference.

Julie S, Wiltshire